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The electric car charging infrastructure is changing rapidly, with a demand for a HMI that is robust enough to be outside 24/7 increasing.

We understand the requirements involved in creating effective charging units. The display screens need to be robust and sturdy for outdoor environments with added protection from dust and moisture ingress.

We design with the challenges of your environments in mind

Outdoor Operation

Electric charging stations have varied environmental challenges so our Ultra Wide Temperature TFT Modules operate form -30 to + 85 C. Ensuring performance whatever the application, and always readable with our high brightness backlighting.



Electric Charging


Rugged Housing

Our tough, hardwearing housing protects displays and touch sensors from harsh weather conditions, keeping things running smoothly.

Custom Cover Lens

Manufactured in various grades up to IK10, offering protection from light, heat, water, dust and UV damage, our bespoke designed screens can deliver excellent visibility with added toughness.





Any Format

Our sizes start from as small as a 1.54" all the way up to a 28.5" and with a range of customisation options anything is possible. 

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